PreEmptive Health accredited allied health professionals, providing expert exercise physiology services for a full healthy life.

We provide you with friendly, thoughtful and expert care tailored to your individual needs:

Specialist Exercise Services for developing personalised exercise programs for complete health and wellbeing.
Healthy Ageing consultations and exercise prescription, to support and extend independent living.
Weight-loss coaching bringing scientific approaches to those with medical and health related weight loss goals

Specialising in:

Physical activity as adjunct therapy in the treatment of physical and mental health conditions.
Exercise interventions as a component of chronic disease self management.
Preventive and preemptive programs to lower modifiable risk factors.
Advisory consultations for self-directed lifestyle and healthy behaviour change.
Problem solving for complex needs clients.
Fitness testing, preparatory programs and accountability monitoring.
Assessment of change progress, liaison with members of your medical and healthcare team .
Exercise and lifestyle modifications programs to support people surviving and thriving

Healthy Ageing

Accredited Exercise Physiologist consultations for a full health life

Specialist Exercise Services

Private Consultations and Team Care Arrangements


Telehealth Services Private & Medicare

Weight Loss Coaching

Small Group, One to One and Online Sessions

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