Specialist Exercise Services

PreEmptive Health provides Specialist Exercise Services impacting a broad range of health pathways.  We are trusted advisors for our patients, expert in identifying and helping establish enjoyable and effective opportunities for enduring increases in physical activity.

PreEmptive Health works within the Exercise is Medicine framework to assist medical professionals introduce their patients to an appropriately trained allied health professional for exercise prescription.  We monitor long term- through assessment and evaluation- the physical fitness, function and capacity of patients with chronic disease.

We welcome referral through team care arrangements from General Practitioners and Specialists.  Our extended care consultations are concise, systematic and affordable for patients that are eligible for the Medicare rebate.  Longer initial consultations are necessary for more complex cases and should be noted at the time of booking.

All sessions are charged in accordance with the Medicare Schedule fee.  Doctor referrals are always preferred but not essential for initial privately funded or insured consultations. All private consultations are a minimum of 30 minutes and charged in accordance with the Medicare Schedule fee on a pro rata basis.

Currently initial consultations are conducted via TeleHealth with face to face consults conducted in home or private facilities if needed, or will be delivered via TeleHealth for your best health outcomes.   Booking can be made via our online facility or calling PreEmptive Health directly on 0419 605 568.


  • PrePregnancy Health Advice
  • Pregnancy Physical Activity Plan
  • Ahead of Adoption Health Advice
  • Postpartum and New Parent Physical Activity Programming

Metabolic Syndrome

  • Insulin Resistance Exercise Programs
  • Cardiovascular Exercise Interventions and Health Advice
  • Weight Loss Coaching
  • Program Compliance and Accountability Coaching
  • Getting Ahead of Bariatric Surgery Program (Individual)
  • Preparing for Active Retirement
  • Home Based Physical Activity Planning 
  • Exercise Prescription within Diabetes Care Plans
  • Exercise Facility Orientation Service
  • Active Home Setting Assessment
  • Healthy Behaviour Change using principles of CBT

Arthritis Management

  • Bone Health Program
  • Home Based Physical Activity Planning 
  • Exercise Facility Orientation Visit Service
  • Active Home Setting Assessment 
  • Resistance Exercise Programs
  • Exercise Interventions and Health Advice
  • Program Compliance and Accountability Coaching
  • Activity Tracker Activation, Orientation and Implementation Training
  • Preparing for Active Retirement
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Falls Prevention and Balance Program
  • Individual Hydrotherapy- Introduction to Self Managed Programming
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