Now is the time to lose weight for a healthier you.  PreEmptive Health Weight Loss Coaching can help you make that happen. Join us for the support and insights that personalise your own lighter lifestyle. You form a team with your coach who is an allied health professional. They are there in session for you, to prepare with you and guide you through the tough bits. You receive expert advice and encouragement as you plan, instigate and maintain the action that will move you towards achieving healthy weight loss- for good!

We translate the medical science and physiology for you to turn into weight loss that endures. We use the scientific process for individuals to find the exact balance of factors that suit your needs and lifestyle. Gain a personal understanding of what works in your body to drop weight and what will keep that weight from creeping back on. These sessions are fun and you will enjoy what you do to lose weight. That is the key to doing it for life!

Connect with your coach as a trusted adviser, someone supportive, on your team, together with you identifying next steps and solving situations. Ask to be held accountable or simply call for a cheer squad. Draw on the strength of like minds sharing similar goals to stay the distance and see the rewards of overcoming challenges. 

Your team leader and coach is our Principal Exercise Physiologist, Belinda Giles PhD, an expert in enduring weight loss and healthy behaviour change with decades of experience. Building on what you already know, you will learn things about weight loss and healthy living. Find and eliminate what has held you back in the past.

Sessions are friendly, chatty conversations you are a full participant in. They are informative, full of insights. We are looking to identify exactly what you need to succeed. Your lifestyle, physiology, metabolism gain maximum benefit from a conscious process of personal decisions and you will learn how to take control, by knowing what works best for you.  PreEmptive Health Weight Loss Coaching helps you live your full healthy life. Full and satisfying. Full of pleasure. Your full measure.

Principal Weight Loss Coach​

Belinda Giles, is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who holds a doctorate in Health Promotion, and has 30 years of experience consulting in clinical exercise interventions and preventive health. She specialises in the introduction of physical activity to people as treatment of physical and mental health conditions.

Belinda is an expert in the delivery of exercise and lifestyle modification programs for people troubled by chronic disease and seeking better health. Having worked with Cancer Council NSW presenting their ENRICH lifestyle program for over ten years, Belinda appreciates the importance of convenient, social and emotional enjoyment of exercise for health. Her career began at St George Hospital researching exercise for rheumatoid arthritis and later included investigation of the needs of people with Alzheimer’s Disease and their carers.  She has worked with young people, the fit, the un-sporty, men and women of all ages in all walks of life

Belinda has worked for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners as well as in the corporate and not-for-profit worlds. She has taught trainee Exercise Physiologists at the University of Sydney and health science students at the University of Wollongong. She has been involved in developing programs leading up to and following bariatric surgery. Belinda incorporates into her exercise for weight management programs the scientific evidence for weight loss coaching she learned at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Philadelphia, PA. Belinda is a mad keen cyclist and likes to swim when the water is warm.

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